Azimut 62S

The Azimut 62S is a limited-edition open yacht, unique in its roomy layout, sporty yet elegant design, and top-of-the-line features equal to...

  • Length 19,06 mt
  • Beam 4,98 mt
  • Passengers 12

Pershing 50

A yacht with a decisive character and free spirit for those who are looking for high performance and unbeatable navigability on the water: the...

  • Length 15,23 mt
  • Beam 4,40 mt
  • Passengers 12

Pershing 72

A yacht that resembles a small cruise ship, the Pershing 72 is the ideal cruiser for multi-day sails with a group of family or friends on the...

  • Length 22,8 mt
  • Beam 5,50 mt
  • Passengers 12

Riva Ego 68

The most beautiful of them all: the Riva Ego 68 is one of the most prestigious cruisers on the water, awarded for its superlative design and...

  • Length 20,82 mt
  • Beam 5,45 mt
  • Passengers 12

Itama 40

If you are drawn to timeless, classic design, the Itama 40 is your craft. A fast cruiser that boasts exhilarating speed while maintaining a safe...

  • Length 12,25 mt
  • Beam 3,95 mt
  • Passengers 10

Imago 32

A decisive craft for demanding passengers who expect high performance on the water, the Imago 32 is an open yacht that blends traditional quality...

  • Length 9,60 mt
  • Beam 2,98 mt
  • Passengers 4

Azimut 62 Fly

Azimut 62 Fly is considered Azimut's "family yacht", thanks to its large interior and exterior spaces perfect for a family with children...

  • Length 18,06 mt
  • Beam 4,82 mt
  • Passengers 6

Riva Vertigo 63

With its unique style and aggressive power, the Riva Vertigo 63 is Riva e Officina Italiana Design's largest open-air craft, perfect for a holiday...

  • Length 19,57 mt
  • Beam 4,80 mt
  • Passengers 12

Marine XL 43

A high-speed yacht with an elegant look and all the comforts passengers need for an unforgettable time on the water: Marine XL 43 is a small...

  • Length 13,20 mt
  • Beam 4,00 mt
  • Passengers 6

Maiora 36

Maiora 36 is a superyacht from the Fipa Group that boasts a design created in collaboration with Quartostile lending it a head-turning panache...

  • Length 36 mt
  • Beam 8,20 mt
  • Passengers 12

Aquarama Special

One of the most iconic speedboats in the world, the Aquarama Special has been in countless films and ads over the decades and remains one of...

  • Length 8.72 mt
  • Beam 2.62 mt
  • Passengers 6

Aprea 56

Ideal for exploring the Bay of Naples by sea, the Fratelli Aprea 56 has ample space for savoring your time on the water all day long, and a timeless...

  • Length 16.90 mt
  • Beam 5.5 mt
  • Passengers 12

Riva Dolcevita 72

The Riva Dolcevita 72 is an exemplary classic yacht with pure Mediterranean style, informed by the elegant design for which the Riva name is...

  • Length 21.30 mt
  • Beam 5.4 mt
  • Passengers 12

Alalunga 78

Classic exteriors and innovative interiors are what makes the Alalunga 78 stand apart. This vessel was completely reworked for an updated, contemporary...

  • Length 23.85 mt
  • Beam 5.8 mt
  • Passengers 12

Walkaround 60

A completely customized yacht built in 2018. The Walkaround was created as a sport fishing vessel with wide decks to move around the cockpit...

  • Length 17.50 mt
  • Beam 5 mt
  • Passengers 12

Aicon 62

A comfortable craft with a young, carefree spirit: the Aicon 62 has all the versatility and light of a loft, with spacious indoor and outdoor...

Cayman 52

Cruise along the coastlines of Capri and the Bay of Naples on board this stunning Cayman 52 yacht with luxury amenities that can sleep up to...

Wally 64

If you are looking for a yacht charter on Capri that combines speed with comfort and has an elegant, modern design, the Wally 64 is the ideal...

Rivarama 44

The perfect balance between classic elegance and the latest technology: the Rivarama 44 is a yacht known for its exclusive, refined style with...